Durrow to Cashel

 Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel

I arrived in Cashel, the City of Kings. The road to Cashel was a time of reflection.

The miles have become easier each day, and my mind is no longer focused on the physical demands of my journey, instead my thoughts have turned within.

In many ways, I am not the same person that began this trek. The road has molded and shaped me to survive, and at times, I feel a stranger to myself.

And while this trek has come at great personal sacrifice, I feel in my heart of hearts, I’m exactly where I belong.

Kilcullen to Durrow


I love Irish hospitality. I find the Irish to be welcoming and supportive of my cause. Many people will stop their cars to chat with me or honk their horn in support. When I arrived in Athy, I met two women, a mother and a daughter that lived in town. They saw me walking down to the river for a photo and stopped me. After a bit of conversation, I was invited to their home for dinner that evening. Over a nice meal of trout, beets, vegetables and potatoes, and the best homemade apple tart that I have EVER tasted, I learned Kate co-produced a documentary named Naledi, and it had been Nominated for Outstanding Nature Documentary at The News and Documentary Emmy Awards. The film is on Netflix, so if you get a chance, check it out. The next day on my way to The Swan, I found the hills to be a challenge, especially an area known as Wolfhill. I was ready to ditch my heavy trolley, Magellan, as I made my way up the appropriately named hill. But I was soon rewarded for my efforts, when a woman named Carmel, and her mother, Anne, invited me into their home for tea and a sandwich. Carmel’s mother had seen me on the road earlier that day and it was a welcomed break. I didn’t stay long, as it was getting late and I needed to find a place to pitch my tent for the night. Someone had suggested I inquire at the pub in town about a room. When I walked in, George, the owner, was sitting at the bar reading a newspaper. I asked him if he had lodging, but he was hesitant, as he no longer operates as an Inn. But then, he led me back to a room. Later, when I tried to pay him, he refused. I departed in the morning, and I made my way to Durrow via Abbeyleix. It was a beautiful day on Thursday and the scenery was breathtaking. When I arrived at my accommodation in Durrow, I was welcomed with salt, soda and a basin to soak my tired feet. A nice way to end the day. :)

Kilcullen to Cork

 CPC Students

CPC Students

I set off from Kilcullen, Ireland, Tuesday morning with some students from Cross and Passion College, which also welcomed me to Kilcullen last May. My Newbridge friends Michael O., Noel H., Susan R., and John M. have worked tirelessly to bring attention to my mission. They have been a godsend, and I will miss them as I make my way to Cork. TD Martin Heydon stated my meeting with Minister Simon Coveney will happen sooner rather than later. I’m happy to be back on the road. :)